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Hi, my name is Daniel Park and I work at LemonStand as a Ui designer and front-end developer intern. Recently, I was challenged to create some brand new themes for the LemonStand platform. LemonStand is a cloud based eCommerce platform for online retailers that are serious about growing their business, and offers web designers a ton of flexibility in design and code.

I learned a lot through the process of creating these new LemonStand themes. It involved several different stages: research, pencil sketches, digital mockups, design, and finally development.

The design stages takes up more time than development, which surprised me. I found that getting your ideas onto paper is a powerful method for any designer. It helps you get your ideas out in a way that is still malleable. Pencil sketches and mockups were a flexible guide, and didn’t dictate the final design down to the pixel.

Below I have offered up comparisons between the digital mockup and the final coded LemonStand theme. Maybe you’ll find this helpful in your work.

I have also included the template files that were built with Bohemian Coding's powerful design tool Sketch 3, which I highly recommend to any web designer. Feel free to use these templates in your own eCommerce design projects.

Daniel Park

signature Sketch eCommerce templates by LemonStand

Click on each theme name below to find the process.

Img on the left is the wireframe, and the img on the right in the result.

Slate Visit Slate


It was and always will be my dream to live in a house designed by me. My love for minimal architecture and furniture is what drove the final design of this theme. I took into account that the products of this store is what drives the sites overall look and feel. As a result, I designed Slate with a mindset of minimalism.


My sketch carried through exactly with the production and final design of Slate. Because I had such a strong vision in minimal design with a focus on the product, the sketch is exact.

Hype Visit Hype


This theme was created with boutiques/craft stores in mind. I felt that boutiques/craft stores with beautiful photography and products is what would make this theme shine. Personally, if I like the product photography there is a higher chance of me buying that product.


For Hype, the sketch is almost identical to the final product. One difference is the product page: I used one column instead of two because I wanted to accent the product images more.

Tanto Visit Tanto


Tanto was the created after a colleague of mine introduced me to Japanese short swords. A Tanto blade has various alterations and variations. Much like this concept, I created this theme with the expectation of various outcomes. Tanto has various uses and therefore, should be versatile like the blade.


The original sketch for this theme was a variation of Slate. The idea was to create this theme with more emphasis on banner images, but I felt that it would create too much confusion with Slate. Thus Tanto, the versatile theme was created.

Mker Visit Mker


Seeing software and design tools are on the rise, I created Mker for stores/merchants who have flagship products rather than a wide array of products. With LemonStands new digital products implementation, I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to incoporate this theme.


Originally, the sketch was catered towards companies who had 2-4 flagship products. After working with Sketch I found that there is a need for themes that showcase/explain/sell the product all on the home page. This resulted in Mker in its current form.

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